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Void Filling

What is Void Filling?

Voids are created under the concrete slab by the shifting of the soil or by a reduction of soil volume. In most cases, concrete settlement can be traced to the dehydration and shrinking of the soil under the concrete, water erosion, poorly compacted subgrade and the washout of soil. The concrete may not be sufficiently strong enough to hold the load, causing the stressed concrete slab to crack, break, and eventually settle to fill the void. When concrete settles, it can cause serious damage to the structures they support. Regardless of the cause polyrathane lifting/leveling is a quick and effective solution, it is a fraction of the cost to tearing out and replacing, with minimal impact to your landscaping. By using a high quality polyurethane, instead of slurry (mudjacking), we can offer long lasting results, with fantastic lifting accuracy, this allows us to raise and stabilize sunken concrete back to its original level. Our process involves drilling a series of small holes (only 5/8″) through the concrete then the polyurethane is injected below the slab, first filling all the voided space and then raising the slab to the desired height. After the process is complete all the holes are patched with cement, making the entire process nearly invisible!
void-filling-before.jpg void-filling-after.jpg
  • Eliminate trip hazards and poor drainage.
  • Increase curb appeal adding to your property value.
  • Minimal disruption to landscaping.
  • Process is nearly invisible! Extremely small drill holes of only 5/8″ and fewer of them which are then patched with cement.
  • Accurate Lifting:The foam material is precisely injected to control the lifting process and hardens very quickly becoming extremely strong and water impermeable.
  • Long lasting results.
  • Fraction of the cost of replacement.

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