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Void filling your commercial warehouse floor can be an important step to take to address a number of issues. One common reason to void fill is to address sinking or settling of the floor, which can create safety hazards for workers and damage to equipment. Over time, the soil underneath a concrete floor can become compressed or eroded, causing the floor to sink or settle. Void filling involves injecting polyurethane foam into the gaps beneath the floor to lift and level it. This can help to prevent tripping hazards and ensure that equipment is operating on a stable surface. Another reason to void fill is to address issues with water infiltration or drainage. If there are gaps or voids beneath the floor, water can seep through and cause damage to inventory and equipment. Void filling can help to prevent this by sealing off the gaps and providing a more watertight seal. Overall, void filling your commercial warehouse floor can be an important investment to improve safety, protect equipment, and prevent costly damage from water infiltration.

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